Indian777 & Young Kingz Rocked The HumHipHop Project!


Here’s How Indian777 & Young Kingz Music Rocked The Hum Hip Hop Night! The Hum Hip Hop Project, presented by and The Humming Tree in Bangalore is one of the most talked about performance platform in the Indian underground scenario…

Indian777 Releases Hot New Video – ‘Belly Dancer’


Indian 777 (Feat Young Kingz) – Belly Dancer Indian 777 is one of the ‘realest Tamil’ out there. You get that feeling when you watch this artist drop verses and when you notice his general demeanor. His swag and his tattoos…

Eminem’s MMLP2 Review by Indian Rappers


We at DesiHipHop.Com always try to do something innovative, something creative and something that directly connects to our readers. This time we decided to come up with Eminem’s recently launched, much hyped Album Marshal Mathers LP 2’s review by Indian…