DesiHipHop’s Music 101 – The Transition From Bars To Vibes

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love it or hate it, Hip-Hop is undergoing a transition from bars and lyricism to vibes. Those who have to hate the genre will hate it regardless. This drift of trap beats with muddled stanzas, multicoloured hair and pop culture clothing may or may not become a thing of the past. There is however plenty of new school Hip-Hop to go around and there are so many artists that there is always going to be something for someone. It will be interesting to see if and when this trend does fade away, what will be the next one?

Pollob Vai turns up BDHIPHOP with first 2018 drop “Sylheti Explosion”


Pollob Vai is one of the most doppest Bangladeshi rappers from the tea-garden state of Sylhet. From day one he's been representing his hometown Sylhet and Sylhet never forgot to hold his back too. Pollob vai is one of the few rappers that have literally no haters what so ever. Even in his hometown, Pollob vai is the most well-respected guy over there.