Indian777 Releases Hot New Video – ‘Belly Dancer’

Indian 777 (Feat Young Kingz) – Belly Dancer

Indian 777 is one of the ‘realest Tamil’ out there. You get that feeling when you watch this artist drop verses and when you notice his general demeanor. His swag and his tattoos look like he should be on the cover of Hip Hop magazines.

When we first heard his music & posted them on, we were surely impressed with his flow.  One of the very first Indian 777 songs I got the chance to hear was “We Will Remember Your Name”, which was a tribute for Nirbhana Damini. At that point I knew his flow would be something to look out for. And now, he’s back with Belly Dancer featuring his friends – Young Kingz.

Indian 777 is currently working on his official album, which is set to drop in the summer. But before that, he’s about to drop two new mixtapes. Stay posted with for updates on Indian 777.