Indian777 has ‘Nothing To Lose’! | Music Video



Bangalore’s very own Gangsta rapper, who is popularly known by the name of Indian777 is out with his brand new track ‘Nothing to Lose‘.

This rapper bluntly said “Fuck You DesiHipHop Niggas Out There” in the promo of this video. By with his bold statement he asked why don’t more Desi’s work together instead of clinging to their little groups. He aims at working together and show our potential together. Which is an idealogy that we can support – we truly do believe that the Hip Hop scene in the Desi world will improve drastically as more and more artists work together. If you believe in “Unity through Hip Hop” like we do, show your support!

Enjoy this video and let us know what you feel about it.

Watch “Nothing to Lose” – Indian777