Youngsta : 5 Things I have learned from Rehearsal


Rehearsal is out and is making waves is definitely one of the most talked about things in the underground as of now. The video for Sunno is making headlines and it definitely puts Delhi back on the map. Youngsta has put in a lot of efforts into the tape and results are in front of us. Creating a piece of art like Rehearsal is definitely a learning experience and the following are things which Youngsta told me he learned during his journey while working on Rehearsal.

Youngsta Rehearsal

5 Things Youngsta Learned From Rehearsal:

1. Uniqueness:

As a rapper it’s very essential to have your own style and sound. When someone listens to your music they should instantly get to know it’s you. And it doesn’t only stop at that as we say hip-hop is a lifestyle but there should be a uniqueness in the way you live that lifestyle.

2. Knowledge:

When compiling a body of work,it’s very important to know every single detail of work that’s being put into the project.You cannot just write your stuff and record it and leave the rest to the other people. You have to have the knowledge about even the smallest thing about the project.This is what defines the make or break of the project.

3. Professionalism:

When you have the knowledge about the things that you’re doing,that is when you’ll have professionalism in your work. Not only in music,but in every project that comes through,you have to have a professional approach. Keep monitoring every single aspect of the work that’s being put into the project. Never be fearful of re-doing things.There are 5-6 tracks on this tape which I’ve mixed and mastered from the scratch multiple times. Never be afraid from putting the work in because sometime at some turn,that work will pay off.

4. Plan Of Action:

Before making a body of work,you have to know what you’re working for and should have a plan of action and a vision. When I started working on this tape my only motto was to put out a body of work,that would bridge the gap between my english
loving and hindi loving audiences. Also,while starting to work on a body of work,you have to have an idea about how your stuff should sound. There should be a coherence in the project.So you have to work your way through to make it as united as possible that every track sounds like a part of the project and not forced into it.The vibe should be thorough.

5. Patience:

One has to understand that things don’t always work the way you want them to. You have to be honest and keep putting the work in and have patience for it to shine out. If it’s something you love doing,keep working on it and don’t rush it or settle for less than what you have kept in mind as a benchmark or a goal. You’ll achieve it with time. All you gotta do is put honest efforts into it.