Ali Kulture’s new mixtape is fire


Ali Kulture is one the few American based Desi emcees who is making meaningful music. His mixtape The World Outside is an excellent body of work and depicts the struggles and stories of what Desis have to endure to make a mark. Ali told me that he is preparing for an Album and that it will switch the game. There is a wide variety of producers present on the tape and hence one enjoys the various styles and flavors present on it.

Ali Kulture's new mixtape is fire - The World Outside - american
Ali Kulture (Crew)

I had a short conversation with him, have a look how it went :

Q1. What has Ali Kulture been upto ?

A1. Ali Kulture has been grinding. Busy finishing this mixtape, the album is already done as well. Got several big videos on the way, found my way into my first home. Hustling brother, striving for this American Dream that my family brought me here to attain.

Q2. The new tape is awesome what was the creative process behind it ?

A2. I sincerely appreciate that. It’s hard work and dedication to the craft. I have a lot of solid folks behind me – from the producers to the video team (Kulture Vision) to my main man behind the boards DJ Espee. Let alone the whole team representing for Kulture there’s a lot of love and support that pushes me constantly. It’s also a responsibility for me as an artist to speak on behalf of everyone, to speak about our collective stories, struggles and upbringing.

Everything was recorded at Mixmasterpro @ Fatlyfe studios. It’s a beautiful vibe, most of the time my songs are a reflection of how I am feeling at that particular time – it’s release therapy, it’s an outlet. I think that’s why people gravitate towards the music because it’s authentic with no fabrications of any kind. You can feel it when you hear it – or at least that’s what I’m told.

Q3. Which producers were involved in the production of the tape ?

A3. On this particular project I have Byg Byrd, DJ Nicar, Take Off Music Group, Sergio Cortez and the man with the master plan DJ Espee. The album is dropping before the end of the year and I really have some very big surprises for everybody in store. God willing.

Ali Kulture

Q4. How do your future projects looks like ?

A4. Future projects are looking lovely. I have a collaborative album dropping in a few months called VA’s 4 Hustlaz that my right Khalil Kulture is putting together. It features the biggest artists in Virginia with the dopest producers in Virginia.

Then, of course, I have my first solo album dropping titled E.P.I.C [Every Piece I Create] coming out before the end of the year. I have some big surprises in store on that project. I look at it as a narrative in the first person of my life so far, I feel like it’s a reflection of everything I have been through and seen so far.

Q5. What is your take on state of Desi Hip-Hop ?

A5. I love to see how fast it’s spreading. There’s some talent out here too man, these artists can spit!! I just want to see more originality – you don’t need to be like anyone else or try to copy someone else’s style. Create your own, find your own lane and your avenue. Speak in your native tongue or whatever language allows you to articulate your point the most fluently.

I would also love to see more unity, it’s easy to hate and much more difficult to appreciate the next man’s effort. Shout out to Byg Byrd for being a real one and reaching out off the brake. Me and him got some dope things in the work for sure, I would personally love to work with more artists within our communities. There’s always strength in numbers, instead of knocking someone let’s all work on building each other up. If we all got behind artists that are putting in work, who could stop us? Those numbers alone would force someone to break through mainstream America. That’s what we need, we just need one of us to open that door – but that requires all of us coming together.

Q6. What message for your fans and followers ?

A6. Thank you. I appreciate everything and acknowledge it all. I don’t view myself to be above anyone or better than any other human being. Thank you for all the messages, texts, calls, likes, shares, posts etc that love means a lot. Stay tuned and keep watching I have a lot in store for everyone!!!