Sunno Leaves a Mark in Underground Scene!


Sunno Leaves a Mark in Underground Scene!

Here it is finally the music video for Sunno from Youngsta’s mixtape Rehearsal and it is already getting positive feedbacks. It features 3 other Hindi rappers Raga, Encore ABJ and Hindi Rap Soldier and each has a very dynamic verse.

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SUNNO is simple and each of the emcees is giving you reasons why they should be heard also declaring that it is about time that Delhi is now going to be on the map when ever we will speak about hip-hop in India. Raga opens up the cypher and drops multiple rhymes and the structuring of the verse is perfect. Youngsta follows it up and lives up to expectation. For me personally it was Encore ABJ who stole the show with his verse, his verse can be a tutorial for upcoming rappers, phenomenal punches mixed with some exquisite wordplay, MAZZA AGYA. Hindi Rap Soldier finishes of the cypher and also leaves a mark.

[sociallocker] Download Here (Youngsta – Rehearsal (37MB)
Download Here (Youngsta – Rehearsal (90MB)[/sociallocker]

The beat was made by Ghauri (BCL Blade) and was justified by all the verses and the video was done by Purple Sparks Media which added to the feel of the track by capturing true colors of the capital. The entire mixtape is getting a dope response and everyone should check this out.