11 HipHop $ex Scandals That Will Make You Jump


Controversies and $ex scandals are common for the renowned rap stars. Check here the list of 11 HipHop scandals that took the Internet by the storm.

1. Danny Brown:

Danny Brown
1. Danny Brown

The 2012 XXL Freshman Class, has demonstrated on numerous occasions he’s not blue with supporters. The same is genuine both in his verses and amid his exhibitions in front of an audience, whereas in 2013, the unusual rapper got oral sex and kept rapping. At a big show in Minneapolis, Danny called his female fans on the stage and act naughty while he kept singing seduction verses.

2. Tupac Shakur:

Tupac Shakur
2. tupac shakur

Back in 1993, Tupac Shakur, along with two others in his entourage, faced charges of first degree sexual abuse. The charges in question stemmed from an incident on Nov. 18, 1993 when an interaction with a female fan went too far. Shakur, his road manager Charles Fuller and promoter Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant, allegedly forced the fan to have oral sex with them at the Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City.

3. Fetty Wap:

Fetty Wap
3.Fetty Wap

He was on the focal point of dramatization with Masika Kalysha, a star of the Hollywood section of the appear, when she asserted Fetty got her pregnant deliberately. The 2015 XXL Freshman clarified in a meeting led by the Shade Room that Masika “recognized what she was doing.” Later, Fetty said We discussed certain crap that should happen and I figure she circumvented that poo.”

4. Kurupt:


Kurupt didn’t keep down in freely tending to some of his own life. Examining the adoration triangle that developed between him, DMX and Foxy Brown in his track “Getting Out Names,” the rapper did only that. The dazzling Foxy Brown and Kurupt dated in the late ’90s when gossipy controversy surfaced that DMX had his eyes on Brooklyn’s Don Diva. With the line, “Mothafuck D, Mothafuck M, Only X I know is Xzibit or RBX/Extraordinary, tryna grab my bitch/You can have the bitch, two bitches gettin’ rich,” Kurupt put everything out there for the world to direct and delight in, checking it the principal love triangle among rappers.

5. Ian Connor:

Ian Connor
5. Ian Connor

Ian Connor, the beautician who has propelled and worked with both Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, is still at the focal point of numerous claims of assault that surfaced in April. A blog entry surfaced from a young lady named Malika Anderson, who nitty gritty her charged experience with Connor. Highlighting this case, Chicago artist Jean Deaux supported her up, approaching to say she likewise was a casualty of Connor’s activities. Most as of late, 19-year-old Kadiata Diallo, additionally made charges against the inventive associate not long ago, guaranteeing he constrained her to engage in sexual relations with him the second time they met – a comparable story to the one Anderson shared. Anderson’s case was dropped on May 31 because of an absence of physical proof.

6. Eazy E:

Eazy E
6. Eazy E

An old meeting between Howard Stern and Eazy E in 1992 reemerged in 2015, uncovering subtle elements of his sexual way of life. The rapper lost his fight with AIDS, passing far from difficulties of the malady on March 25, 1995. Amid this meeting with Stern, the rapper talked straightforwardly about his sexual coexistence saying that he never utilizes condoms with his accomplices. “The general population I disturb don’t… I would’a had it myself on the off chance that they would have it,” he clarifies amid the meeting when he is inquired as to whether he has caught wind of AIDS. The now-dismal meeting happened under three years before his passing.

7. DJ Mister Cee:

DJ Mister Cee
7. DJ Mister Cee

In 2011, Hot 97’s DJ Mister Cee confess to a charge of sauntering with the end goal of participating in prostitution. He was later charged with an infringement and finished three months (or twelve sessions) with a specialist. Shockingly, streak forward a couple more years, and Mister Cee ended up confronting claims reminiscent of his past. Later in 2013, he was accused allegedly attempting to request a covert cop acting like a male whore.

8. Lil Wayne:

Lil Wayne
8.Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne shockingly lost the fight Kanye West obviously continues winning. The New Orleans rapper had a sex tape released online in October of a year ago, portraying somebody who seems, by all accounts, to be Weezy having intercourse with two ladies. The footage was reputed to have been in presence for a long while, the video hitting the Internet was the cherry on top of a specific harsh year for the rapper.

9. Wiz Khalifa:

Wiz Khalifa
9. Wiz Khalifa

In 2014, Amber Rose transparently imparted to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg that the reason she broke with Wiz Khalifa is sufficiently straightforward. Rose said that she strolled in on him with two ladies, and prompting the two’s legitimate separation. The Pittsburgh local’s unfaithfulness was something the two couldn’t move beyond impractically, yet have following been vocally strong of each other. The pair commended their separation being finished together at the strip club furthermore co-parent their now 3-year-old child, Sebastian.

10. Tyga:

10. Tyga

Tyga stood out as truly newsworthy not long ago, with assertions that he had an affair with a 14-year-old young lady named Molly O’Malia. TMZ later reported that the reason Tyga connected with the young lady was for Instagram popularity, saying that he was basically scouting for new ability when he learned of her through her huge online networking taking after. As the cases were explored, Tyga’s relationship with the young lady as an explanation for his split with Kylie Jenner. The underage teenager gave a question and answer session on January fourth, denying that she has had any sort of association with Tyga. Yet, both have been spotted several times hanging out together.

11. Ray J:

Ray J
11. Ray J

Ray J broke the Internet with his xxx sextape with Kim Kardashian. The current wife of Kanye West was once hooked with rapper Ray J. It was the time when Kim was gaining popularity and she agreed to shoot a horny video with ex-boyfriend Ray J. Well, Kanye West never made a notion about the tape. He hardly cares about his wife’s past relationship.