TNGHT – “Goooo” Remix | B – “RNDM”

TNGHT – “Goooo” Remix | B – “RNDM” (Music Video) (Directed & Edited by B)


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B, the name is simple. The personalityis complex. The music is rather experimental. The twenty-three year old songwriter, rapper, producer and video director was who born and raised in South London, has finally entered the music industry with thorough professionalism. His self-produced debut album ‘Hypocrite’, a creation he spent time making during his final year of university was released earlier this year on iTunes and all other major music platforms, under his own record label ‘Kushti Records’. He has possession of a small catalogue of online music videos ranging from his political anthem ‘The Underdogs’, his foul mouthed ‘Hippy Sh*t’ and last but not least ‘RNDM’ a cover of TNGHT’s trap music smash ‘Goooo’. B has not wasted any time since graduating; to show the world how serious he is in making an impact to the creative industries. Whether B is inviting you to study his lyrical world, musical score or his vivid surrealist imagery, he is welcoming all to experiment with the mind. Rather different from your average Asian rapper, B is nothing but an exciting breath of fresh air that the UK Asian music scene has been waiting years for. Let’s put ‘RNDM’ on replay until they are all shouting out B’s name from a mosh pit of thousands!

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“Hippy Sh*t” :
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“The Underdogs” :
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