SHATRANJ – Sukrit Prod. Devotees Insanos


sukrit chopra shatranj steelbird devotees insanos

Sukrit Chopra aka ‘Poetik Blizzards‘ is back with the most awaited track in the underground scene ‘Shatranj’ . Music of the song is produced by Devotees Insanos and it is officially launched under Steelbird Entertainment. Sukrit is one of the best hindi lyricist we have seen in the Desi Hip Hop scene, you can clearly hear his wordplay in ‘Shatranj‘ “Sone ke chainein nahi, bass chain kaa ho sonaa“. Rapper conveys a story in his song taking an example of ‘Chess’ game in his verse and we can relate to the message he is trying to deliver through his lyrics.

We at DesiHipHop will soon launch a series titled ‘Desi Bol‘ with Sukrit, which will be lyrically dope and Poetik Blizzards other half ‘Noran‘ will be helping him in this series. Till then check out Shatranj below on Youtube and drop your feedback on it.


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