Adil Omar’s Most Creative Music Video

Adil Omar, the Paki Rambo, returned to the scene with the music video for The Mushroom Cloud Effect. His work with a variety of artists, including Xzibit and B-Real, were definitely impressive. Andjust like his previous work, the music video for The Mushroom Cloud Effect is equally exceptional. It’s creative, and takes the viewer for a ride. I enjoyed the crazy graphics, it almost had a Linkin Park Reanimation feel to the whole thing. Or an intense Anime cartoon made into a music video. The video is a must watch, and should be added to the list of Most Creative Videos!

Watch Adil Omar’s “The Mushroom Cloud Effect”

[youtube id=”gUmPAkZA75Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

This has to be one of the dopest, most creative music videos I have seen. What are your thoughts?