Lazarus, P Diddy, & Russell Simmons in ONE Place!?


What happens when you put Lazarus, P Diddy, Russell Simmons, CEO of Universal Music, and the President of Paramount pictures all together in one room? Things change, impact is made, and legendary status is achieved! That’s exactly what Lazarus will be…

Lazarus Amazes Russell Simmons!

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“I raise my head beyond this world, High, ever erect and alone!” wrote one of Asia’s most famous poets of all time, Kazi Nazrul Islam, in 1922. His piece, Bidrohi, remains his most famous work, winning admiration of the World’s literary…

5 HipHop Heavyweights Who Practice Yoga


5 HipHop Heavyweights Who Practice Yoga Yoga has been a gift from India to the world alongside spices, zero, indigo etc. Yoga is a practice which can be traced back to the ages of the Vedas and has evolved immensely…

HipHop Role Models, Do They Exist?


Rappers are a lot of things to a lot of people— artists, storytellers, gangsters – can they be Role Models? Roles Models are Heroes, what you want your kids to aspire to be when they grow up.  Fire Fighters, Armed Forces,…

What is Nas & Lazarus Up To Lately?


So, recently Lazarus linked up with legendary Nas in Las Vegas. The Doctor/Rapper took time off from his busy schedule to meet up with the Hip Hop legend on Friday, and of course, who wouldn’t clear up their schedules for Nas??…