What is Nas & Lazarus Up To Lately?

So, recently Lazarus linked up with legendary Nas in Las Vegas. The Doctor/Rapper took time off from his busy schedule to meet up with the Hip Hop legend on Friday, and of course, who wouldn’t clear up their schedules for Nas??

Nas is truly legendary. He’s one of my personal favorites. From ‘Street Dreams’ to ‘One Mic’, this rapper single-handedly inspired a generation! If Big Snoop’s the king of the West Coast, Nas is surely the king of the East (after Biggie, of course).

And, Lazarus, as we all know, has been extremely busy grinding hard this year. He released his single with D12 – Lay the Law Down – which he got interviewed for on Shade45 with Sway on the day of the release. He then backed that up with another collab with Bizarre of D12, which is coming soon. And, more recently, he hosted an event to promote ethnic understanding alongside Russell Simmons, P Diddy, and a room full of important people. And he did all that between a packed schedule as a physician in Vegas. This man’s been working HARD to achieve his dreams!

So, What is Nas & Lazarus up to? Are they working on a new single? New video? Record deal? What do you think these two are cooking up for Desi Hip Hop fans worldwide?