Lazarus Raps An Entire Surgical Procedure in “Open Heart Surgery”

OHS_cover & All Def Digital is proud to present Lazarus’s new single & music video – Open Heart Surgery.

Lazarus just ended his year in Hip Hop with a massive banger. This track is an eye-opening look at one of the largest killers in the world – Heart Attacks. The rapper uses his knowledge as a physician to tackle the very problem in his verse. Open Heart Surgery is extremely unique, and there are no other rappers out there who could pull this off! Lazarus is on a mission to break barriers with his music career, and the world  is surely watching. It’s exciting to see Lazarus pull knowledge from both of his alter-egos – Dr. Khan, the physician, & Lazarus, the rapper – into one song.

Watch Lazarus Feat Bizarre – Open Heart Surgery

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Open Heart Surgery is dope. The beat had me hooked right from the start. It has this eerie feeling to it that makes it perfect for the topic that’s being discussed in the song. Bizarre, from the legendary D12, spits a verse that is close to home for a lot of people who are suffering from heart problems. It’s probably one of the realest verses I’ve heard from the rapper in a long while! Lazarus then comes into the song and raps an entire surgical procedure in one verse. The way he did it was also not confusing, and can be easily understood by anyone who listens to the song. I found his ability to express himself so eloquently to be impressive, I know it’s surely not easy to rhyme a long, difficult surgical procedure in a rap verse… but the man did it, and did it right!

Russell Simmons backed it with the release of the video through Russell’s media outlet “All Def Digital”. The goal of All Def Digital is to promote and empower up-and-coming artists, and they picked the right rapper to support with this release – Lazarus. Having that stamp of approval for a Desi artist is great to see, and surely helps the Desi Hip Hop movement carry on kicking butt! Let us know what you think, and be sure to share the video to support the artists!

Lazarus made quite the impression on Hip Hop guru/legend, and founder of Def Jam Records and All Def Digital. Click on the image to read more…