Nineteen47 Puts Delhi On the Map in this Rap Cypher

Rap Cyphers are dope, and they play an important role in the Desi Hip Hop genre. I’ve not seen any other Hip Hop movements around the world where artists release as many rap cypher videos as Desi artists do! And, that’s awesome because I love a good rap cypher!

These Delhi rappers teamed up together to create a masterpiece and represent their city very well. This has to be one of the dopest cypher videos I’ve seen in a while, and each and every rapper does an amazing job in this one. The rappers involved were Ghost Status, Knuckle Dusta, Panini, Rawal, dM, and MC Heam, all of whom are affiliated with Nineteen47. Keep them coming, guys, you know exactly what we like!

Watch the Delhi Rap Cypher – Nineteen47

Ghost Status X Knuckle Dusta X Panini X Rawal X dM X MC Heam