EXCLUSIVE! In the Studio With Bohemia & Haji Springer


Recently, DesiHipHop.com had the opportunity to hang out with Haji Springer & Bohemia in the studio while they tied up the knots and completed the recording sessions for Haji Springer‘s upcoming studio album – “Survivor”. While it was extremely enjoyable and fun for us to attend, the hard working artists did what they do best – make music! Their passion showed through every key, and their heart poured through every line in their lyrics.

Both of these artists are extremely private with their work, and rarely ever invites anyone into their studios. However, we were blessed enough to be granted the opportunity, and we are allowing our loyal fans to have a look as well!

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We also got a chance to record an exclusive interview with Bohemia and Haji Springer. But, we’re saving that for later. You’ll have to wait for that to release within the next week or so. In the mean time, enjoy the snippet below, and be sure to watch the trailer of Meri Bandook, which releases on December 26th!

Watch The Exclusive Behind The Scenes Studio Footage

In The Studio with Bohemia & Haji Springer

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Haji Springer‘s album, “Survivor“, is dropping at the end of December. The man has been grinding hard all year round, and it seems like the climax for all his efforts is going to be really sweet.

Bohemia‘s presence in ‘Survivor’ is also epic, and we’re looking forward to see how many tracks he’s featured in. More details on that soon! Bohemia is currently on tour in India, and is about to drop some of his dopest rap verses for the world to bump to within the next couple of weeks. He mentioned in a recent tweet that they are taking it back to the basics with ‘Meri Bandook’. The fans are definitely excited!