Intense Featuring RS Chauhan – Miss Kardi

Intense Featuring RS Chauhan – Miss Kardi


Intense released his debut album “More Than Just A DJ” Featuring many artists in it and got lots of hits from worldwide. Now he is back Featuring RS Chauhan in his new song “Miss Kardi” under IMM Entertainment. RS Chauhan did another song in Intense album named “Sophist-A-Folk” including many other artist like Gurleen Kaur, Ashok Gill, GS Hundal and other artists under the big international “IMM Entertainment” label.

Intense & RS Chauhan’s song Miss Kardi got over 100k hits in only 24 hours, a huge response from the fans. Check out the video below to know more about the song.

Watch Intense Ft RS Chauhan – Miss Kardi

[youtube id=”wj0pzzOOk1c” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Miss Kardi’s video is a good video with the flashy cars and the sexy girls. Numerous artists these days focus on similar kinds of videos with the cars and honeys. Kick ass videos with an improved song quality, lyrics and music makes the perfect combination for a hit single. People like to watch good videos with beautiful locations, artists & beautiful girls and if the song is also good enough, its got everything for 100s of thousands of hits online. And, did I mention the sexy ladies? Miss Kardi has all the qualities to make it a perfect hit single, let’s not forget the beautiful women in the video. I’m serious. Check it out, and share your comments below!

What you guys think about this new song MISS KARDI?