Old School Pyar (Part – 2) by KeepSake Prod. by Sez

Old School Pyar (Part -2) is a continuation Of a Song ‘Old School Pyar Part 1 by KeepSake. This is again Produced By Sez. it’s like between two point of views one from 12 year old KeepSake and from 21 year old KeepSake. Gap of 10 years.

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]


KeepSake and Sez are nominated in VIMA 2013

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Jab Mein Girunga and Keep On Walking in Best Hip Hop Song.
A battle in my mind in Best Dance Song
Life is short, enjoy it in Best Genre Bender song.

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Old School Pyar (Part-2)

Sez x KeepSake

Produced By Sez –


Art Work By Anuj Rajoria –


Written & Performed By KeepSake –