Dicypher – OLvin & Hardy Ft. Sir D


dicypher sir d olvin hardy

When we asked Sir D about Dicypher this is what he has to say about the whole concept & the song.

There are some songs we do cause we want people to like them. We think of whatever the trend is going on and try to make a song about it cause we know that the audience will find it easier to connect to it. This is what we call a ‘commercial song’ in today’s language. Then their are songs that artists do for their selfs, to satisfy the artists within themselves. Those are known today as real songs. Underground has always been about being real.
I being one of them follow other Underground artists. I have my favorites here and after their previous cypher, Olvin and Hardy are definitely among them. When they approached me to feature on their next single, I was sure of one thing that it’ll be a real one. They sent me the beat which Olvin produced and I got so hooked on to it. It has an old school vibe to it and was quite addictive.
I dropped a verse and we decided to do something unorthodox with it so we made it into a track without a hook, just back to back verses. We all have given a personal hidden message in each of our verses for you all to decipher and it has a cypher feel to it hence, the title Dicypher

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