DHH exclusive interview with MWA (Machas With Attitude)


DHH recently had the chance to sit down with with the rap trio, Machas with Attitude (MWA) to give our readers an inside look into what this group is all about. They recently release a video for their latest single: “Making Our Money” which is featured as a FREE download on “Encore: “The Official Desihiphop.com Mixtape vol.2” Check out the interview- video and free download below and let us know what you think:

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]

DHH: Who is “M.W.A” and what makes them TICK ?

M.W.A is Machas With Attitude and it consists of BRODHA V, BIG NIKK and SMOKEY, we are a diverse hip hop trio and we bring a contemperory feel to our songs. What makes us tick is a 5 Metre Cloth called the LUNGI.

DHH: Location Represented?

M.W.A represents INDIA, all though we know is that there ain’t nothing like the South side. We represent our country to the fullest, we love being Indians and we Love being ourselves. We represent that Indian-ness and that part of the lungi that makes you feel Woo!!

DHH: What Music Means to you?

What a baby means to its Mother, what a lungi means to a Tamilian

DHH: Challenges Overcame in your musical journey?

Well, not everyone accepts you; our parents themselves never liked what we did, everyone said 3 Boys could never come up in a place like INDIA as rappers. I think being in all 3 industries, Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood, we changed that. We made them eat their own Lungis.

DHH: Unknown Fact/Information about yourself?

We sleep with our lungis on.. But when we get up we turn it off to pee sometimes.

DHH: Self-Description Track (One Track That Describes the you)?

Ain’t Nothing like the Southside #Lungi-swing

DHH: Current Project?

Some call it Sex, we call it RED+GREEN=BROWN, its our 1st Studio album and its going to rock the s*** out your speakers, I think We will be dominating every Label/person/thing with this stuff and we are doing it Independent. I think the fact that we are confidently going Independent with it even thought we were offered a record deal speaks about how dope its going to be. This will change the hip hop scene in India and THE REST OF THE WORLD. We assure that. With the kinda of collaborations in the album you have every reason to be SCARED.

DHH: Musical Aspirations?

To Turn Haters to Lovers like Undies, to Lungis

DHH: Favorite Element of a Track?

The Flow

DHH: Best Tour Location?


DHH: Artist Influences?

Eminem, Big L, Rakim, Pitbull. Big Pun, Nas

DHH: Wish List Artist Feature?

Eminem, Snoop dogg.

DHH: Hottest Video Vixen?

Rakhi Sawanth

DHH: Illest Emcees (List 5)?

Eminem, Big L, Big Pun, 2 Pac, Lupe Fiasco

DHH: Finish the Lyric (w/ Personal Freestyle):

Ummm.. ahhh.. umm… L-L-L-LUNGI.. BLANK STARE

Download “Encore: The Official Desihiphop.com Mixtape vol.2” for FREE below:

“Encore: The Official Desihiphop.com Mixtape vol.2”