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Omar Musa Releases his EP Dead Centre Today


Artists often weave in and out of their creative spaces and the time spent away from their art is as important as the time spent while creating. Multiple projects and sources of inspiration is what keeps a lot of them…

Rapper Zulfiqar Ali’s Multicultural Musings


A spark of inspiration can shift your mind and your mental space into another dimension. When people take their hardships to find inspiration in them to create something, the effect and the intensity of the art that is born is…

Hip Hop Producer Afzal Minhaaj’s Drive to Perfection


The art in a city usually drives its personality, creates an identity and a vibe that becomes unique to the city. There are many artists in all the different cities in India and the diversity is what makes the cities…

When Desi Hip Hop met ‘The Machine’


Music is beyond logic and reasoning, it’s beyond comprehension and understanding, well mostly. Now there are lyrics being written by Google’s Artificial Intelligence music programme. It is definitely beyond comprehension and understanding but leaps into the future of how music…

Baz Luhrmann’s hip hop drama The Get Down


Set in the South Bronx, in the heart of the musical rapture when hip-hop was coming into being and disco was slowly bowing out in the late 70s, The Get Down produced by none other than the legendary Baz Luhrmann…

A Lesbian Muslim Hip Hop Singer On Art And Activism


Her name means a warrior. Jaheda Choudhury –Potter is a lesbian Muslim woman, who fronts a hip hop band in the UK. Her name Potter belongs to her wife. She reflects on the Orlando shootout where 49 people were killed…