Baz Luhrmann’s hip hop drama The Get Down


Set in the South Bronx, in the heart of the musical rapture when hip-hop was coming into being and disco was slowly bowing out in the late 70s, The Get Down produced by none other than the legendary Baz Luhrmann of the Moulin Rouge fame, finally opens this August 12th. It’s a television musical drama about the birth of hip hop. The series went through a whole lot of trouble shutting down temporarily while filming and then restarting again and now reaching the stage of release. Because of a whole lot of changes to the script and numerous writers being hired, it’s rated to be one of the most expensive series ever.

netflix the get down baz luhrmann - moulin rouge

A Netflix original, this is a series that Baz Luhrmann has apparently been fantasizing about getting involved with since he was a kid. The jazzy and flashy New York City, with all its colours and the glorious musical history has always tantalized him. The production costs were not only incurred by the changes in the script and the number of writers but also because of the dance and musical sequences. This has raised the question of whether The Get Down will be just a one season series.

In 1977, when New York was at the brink of bankruptcy, a new art form was driving the kids from the Bronx crazy. This song and dance drama which the kids were absolutely giving their hearts and souls too would later change the world.