When Desi Hip Hop met ‘The Machine’

Music is beyond logic and reasoning, it’s beyond comprehension and understanding, well mostly. Now there are lyrics being written by Google’s Artificial Intelligence music programme. It is definitely beyond comprehension and understanding but leaps into the future of how music can be written, how words can be just as easily made to pop out of a machine. It’s amazing and shocking at the same time.

Machine Desi Hip Hop is an amalgamation of what happened when desi hip hop beats met the talented poet i.e. the machine. The words didn’t of course make much sense but that doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

There is also talk of a growing fan base for machine written music. In South Korea, a song created by AI was offered for sale and the event was a highlight and a peek into what was in store for the future. They deduce that there will be a wide fan following for AI written lyrics and music.

It’s all in the development stage, especially the lyrics writing but it’s a future place that music is headed.