Xpolymer Dar calls out Guru Lahori for a Rap Battle


xpolymer dar guru lahori rap battle challenge

Soon after the release of Guru Lahori’s song ‘OOh Kill em‘ the very next day Xpolymer Dar released a Facebook video dissing & calling out Guru Lahori for a Rap Battle Challenge. There are mixed responses from the fans on this video posted by Xpolymer. But Guru did reacted to the video with this reply –

I Challenge Xpolymer DAR to make a proper 3 minute diss track with nothing but bars. Reach my level on a diss track before you change the game you want to play.”

All of this started last year when Xpolymer released the official promo track for They See Battle League titled Dangal. Both of the artists have a huge fan following, we all have to wait and see if this battle actually happen and if it does who is going to win ? What’s your call on this ?

Xpolymer Dar vs Gullu Butt (Rap Battle Challenge)

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Posted by Xpolymer DAR on Wednesday, February 3, 2016