Prabh Deep from New Delhi says that this year is his

prabh deep happy sound project

Q. What has Prabh Deep Music been involved in lately ?

A. As usual I am involved in hip hop to the fullest. Trying to to promote delhi emcees by organizing free cyphers every sunday and i am working with my crew on some new project called “Agnastik Anthem“. About to release some new music & more to come.

Q. How was your experience of Happy Sound Project ?

A. The experience was crazy. We tried some new genres of music like reggae, Afro, etc. I have been hanging out and chilling with Vir, Slyck, Mojo and Frekey already so it was great experience and chemistry on stage. We killed it already at Rasta in HKV and now its time hit some more shows in march 2016.

Q. We have heard rumors about you dropping an album, what is your take on this ?

A. Yes, i am secretly working on my album. It is my solo album in which half of the tracks has been produced by Sez and the remaining by me. Get ready y’all I am about to show some crazy stories about life. 2016 is mine!!

Q. Please throw some light upon Khatarnaak beats and how can someone get his hands on one of your beats ?

A. Khatarnaak beats is a brand. Its not about only beats for rap, we are working on some games project and scoring for documentaries. I am looking forward for some passionate producers and musicians to work along some projects. Shout out to sez for inspiring me to do this, learnt a lot from this big homie.

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Q. How is 2016 looking for you ?

A. 2016 will be a golden year for Indian Hip Hop history. Everyone working hard on their dreams. Divine is working on his album, Calm Chor and Encore Abj coming with their mixtape, Desi Beam organizing a jam in Chandigarh, Agnastik. Slyck TwoshadeZ is also dropping, “PharmaSlyck” which has a lot of my production. Ahnastik is re-united and my new album is coming.
2016 will be a great year for Indian Hip Hop.

Q. What message do you have for your fans and followers ?

A. Thank you everyone for doing my verses and sending me videos. A big shout out to everyone who showed up at Introduce Yourself and Sunday cyphers. Much love to my bboys for joining emcees circle. Much love to Bombay, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Banglore, Pune for the support. Hope y’all buy my album when its out. Rab Rakha!!