Top 5 Five fingers of Death on Sway in the morning


Since the beginning of time Hot 97 has been the hottest radio station for HipHop music and Sway in the Morning has been instrumental in satisfying the morning craving for some HipHop music. Sway Calloway invites established emcees to come through on the show and promote their album, movies or just to catch up. He puts freestylers on the spot by telling the resident Dj to play 5 assorted hip-hop beats and tests the lyrical stamina of the emcees.

The following are the best top 5 five fingers of death freestyles, check them out :

1. King Los

This dude put the microphone to fumes with his fire freestyles.

2. Logic

He spat pre-written verses, but they were bang on, check it out

3. Brother Ali

This was the first 5 fingers of death I ever came across and it looked badass. Brother Ali is a humble artist but spares no humility in killing this freestyle session

4. Chris Rivers

His father Big Pun was one of the best lyricists of his time, but Chris Rivers did not succumb to this pressure. He in fact asked Sway to throw in words which he incorporated in his freestyles.

5. Papoose

He starts of in a magnificent manner, slips a little bit in the middle but then rips apart the beat with his double time flow. Check this out to know more.

Which is your favorite 5 fingers of death and which desi rapper do you think would have ripped apart this session. Let us know and be sure to comment, share, subscribe and like.