Video Premiere – Duniya | Guru Lahori


Currently Guru Lahori is one the best Punjabi rappers in the scene. His work gets better with every release, be it in the form of singles or his crew BEG (BlackEyeGalaxy) which consists of (Mohan Singh, Rush Toor, Kallmeup & Guru Lahori) his new work always outshines his previous stuff.

guru lahori duniya

The latest release ‘Duniya‘ is very different from what he usually does and this time he is dropping knowledge and creating awareness about what is actually going on around in this world. The world we are living in currently is a soup of terrorism, racism, poverty and chaos, the humans are falling sick because they are being fed this infected soup. Guru has approached this in the most meaningful way possible and you can feel his pain in his bars :

Kia karain hum, khud se hain laray hum
Afat nai aye, to kalma na parain hum
Kia karain hum, khud se hain daray hum
Auron ko choro, dushman hum khud ke hum
Insaan to insaan – karay ghalti
Bewakoof woh – tauba na karay jaldi
Haewan yeh insaan – dekho dar gai
Duniya mein aai – kaisi ghalti yeh kar gai”

His bars appropriately describe the situation. All the wars are based on misunderstanding or an internal conflict. Rapper has rightfully seeded the thought that one human now considers another human an enemy just based on whatever is being covered on the media. He has fearlessly said that our faith in god is also based on our need, we remember the almighty only in troubled times.

Towards the end Guru Lahori seems to be disappointed with the world, seemingly we are lost till a point where only can find us and put us back on the track.

Production wise this freestyle sounds fantastic. There is nothing more inspiring than a meaningful message delivered on a crispy beat. This beat has been produced, mixed and mastered by Baaj Beats. The video is sort of grungy and dark and suits the theme of the freestyle, it has been directed and edited by Bhavesh Chauhan. This work by Guru will compel you to think about what’s going on around you, it is a must check out :