Suraj Saini & Amrita Rana in “Aaja Ve” Full Video OUT NOW!


Suraj Saini & Amrita Rana in “Aaja Ve” Know More About Him & His Upcoming Collaborations


Aaja Ve by Suraj Saini & Amrita Rana is finally out now, This song is a mixture of Punjabi Folk & Rap. You guys must have never seen something unique like this before. Underground artists like Suraj Saini are pushing themselves hard to reach Mainstream music collaborating with different artists from all around the world. And how can i forget Amrita Rana, She worked with Prabh Gill one of the most talented Punjabi Romantic Singer in the song Tere Bina. She also worked with Guru in the song Sajna Ve Sajna. I have heard many female vocalists, But she has the most beautiful voice. Take a look below and know more about the song Aaja Ve directly from Suraj Saini’s mouth.

Aaja Ve is more like a Punjabi Folk Song, Who came up with this idea ?

We Both Came Up With The Idea. We Were Just Talking About Our Future Projects & Amrita Was Like. Let’s Make A Song Together. I Said You’ve Ideas? She Said Let’s Start Writing. So We Put Down Ideas & Concepts & Structures & Boom! We The Concept Done. I Wrote Lines & She Told Me The Ones To Change & So I Did. Step By Step Basically As A Team We Both Came Up With The Whole Idea.

Are you planning to collaborate with more artists around the world just like you did with Amrita Rana ?

Yes. I Love People Who Are Into Music. I’d Love To Share Beats With Talented & Unique Rappers Who Have Got Their Own Taste Of Music.

How did it go for you working with a completely different genre artist, I mean RAP –> Punjabi Folk ? How was the experience ?

It Was Great. I Learned A Lot Of New Things Such As Folk Punjabi Music Ain’t Nothing Like Rap. You Need To Put Much More Effort & Focus Harder In Their Genre On A Project Compared To Ours. It Seems Like It’s Just Singing From A-Z From The Outside But The Effort & Hardwork Put Composing It. Going According To The Beat. Changing Vocals From High To Low. Low To High. Tons Of Things I Could Mention. Overall Had Lots Of Fun Working On The Project.

Amrita Rana Is Unique. Believe Me. Not Dissing Other Female Vocalists But Amrita Has Different Plans.
While Others Stick To The Same Thing & Think “Jab Tak Chal Raha Hai, Karte Jao Wohi Jo Audience Ko Pasand Hai”. She’s Someone Who Wants To Bring New Stuff In The Game & Believe Me She Will. Her Upcoming Projects Will Change The Whole Game & Believe Me, I’m Not Kidding Just Because I’m Working With Her. She Is Unique.

We heard Amrita Rana is coming up with another song, Is it a single or just another song with you ?

Haha. Yes That Song. lol. From ‘Tere Bina’ to “Aaja Ve”. When You’ll Listen To Her Upcoming Single You’ll Be Like: WTF! How Can Someone Change From Being A Romantic Singer Into A Total G. lol! – IT’S NOT SOMETHING YOU’LL SEE WITH EVERY FEMALE VOCALIST -. But That’s What Makes Her Different & Coming Back To The Question. Hah! That’s A Surprise! ;)

What are your Future plans & Collaborations ?

Future Plans Are To Work On Solo’s & Bring More Music Videos Into The Game. Believe Me Been On It For A Long Time & Can’t Wait TO Drop The Next Big Thing At The End Of April. Talking About Collaborations Then I’ve Got 2 Kickass Songs With SICKICK. One Of Them Will Release As A Music Video & The Other One As An Audio. But Both Songs BRAND NEW In The Scene! Besides That I’ve A Song With BCL Blade Who’s A HITMAKER In Pakistan &
A Couple Of Other Kickass Collaborations Lined Up Which I Can’t Reveal Right Now. But Believe Me. Whatever Will Come Now. It’s Gonna Be Kickass!!