Rob C – Above The Rest – Bout That Life Feat. Sikander Kahlon

Rob C – Above The Rest – Bout That Life Feat. Sikander Kahlon

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The Third single off of Rob C’s Sophomore mixtape “Above The Rest”, this track features Sikander Kahlon.. Both the artists have written their own verses and have performed their creation themselves only.


I start from scratch and scratch a few nails
I light up this match cause harm without a fail
keep the flow so steady it’s hard to find a flaw
my foes they be ready, well i’m ready with my claws
too, three, four, lemme bring it back here
i’m like a torpedo that kills the best players
so declare another war, come prepared with the lyrics
impressin’ them girls ? not a part of our gimmick!
see it’s the life we live, one day at a time
owin’ this to hip hop, so our life’s on the line
as i spit another rhyme, make u wanna press rewind
it’s not safe to say Rob C be losin his mind
coz i’m vulnerable as I come to slay them,
my voice turns hoarse, as I come to pay my
respect to the game every now and then, I
wanna holla at the boys who got nothing but love to show
I feel so invincible, like ‘m Doctor Dre
a lil’ like Slim Shady, 2Pac doin the Hip Hip Hooray
eyy, eyy, eyy
come on rock to the joint, feel the rush in your spine
unngh, ladies jumpin on me, one at a time
I tell em about the brethren spittin it like a veteran
Start invadin their brains just like an excederin
spill the drink on em lick em with a finger ring on em
kill the stink as i pick the finest chic for my scrotum
pressin bodies and the hottie starts actin all naughty
i feel like Ja Rule when he was rollin with Irv Gotti
so ya know what’s the case as i spit bars any further
it’s a lyrical carnage folks, everybody yelll MURRRDA

Produced By : Blacklight Music
Written and Performed by : Rob C and Sikander Kahlon
Mixed and Mastered at K2 Studios, Mohali.