Swetshop Boys – “Benny Lava”

Swetshop Boys caught us by surprise with this music video of “Benny Lava”, where they sampled the Tamil song “Kalluri Vaanil” and went HAM on it. They took a really dope beat and did justice to it with strong lyrical content, and a smooth flow that makes you bump your head to the music.  Himanshu Suri, aka Heems, starts off the song with a verse that rips through the beat so well that it instantly catches your attention. His smooth lyrics talk about real stuff for a positive change. He’s followed by Riz Ahmed, aka Riz MC, who grabs the mic and blesses it with his impeccable rap verse, which sounds cooler with his British accent. As a rap fan, this song came out and made a home run with the first pitch, or hit a six with the first ball, or scored a goal right after kick off! Okay, maybe I should stop using sports references with Hip Hop. But, you get the idea!

Swetshop Boys is prepping to release their first EP in June, it’ll definitely be something we will look forward to.

Swetshop Boys “Benny Lava” Music Video