Naina – Rapo Feat. Guru Lahori & Xpolymer Dar

Naina – Rapo Feat. Guru Lahori & Xpolymer Dar


Naina a new track by Rapo, Xpolymer Dar & Guru Lahori, this track has something new in it the slow beat music including Hip Hop in it. I talked with Guru Lahori about this song & he told me that Rapo showed him one of the beats of the song “Naina De Akhay” which was sung by Rizwan & Muazzam in Coke Studio Pakistan. After listening to this track Guru & Xpolymer Dar agreed on making this track & this is there output a Desi slow music Sufi touch with Hip Hop music in it. Check out the song below & show your love & support to the artists.

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