Na Darr – Leek ft Joe Alam | BlueChip


Watch Na Darr Music Video – Leek ft Joe Alam

The Blue Chip gang is back with a new release titled Na Darr, featuring Leek and Joe Alam. The track was inspired by French Montana’s song, Don’t Panic. Leek brings an urdu flavor mixed with raw hip hop, and Joe Alam uses his lyrical skills to tear this track apart representing the east coast swag.

The two artists collaborated nicely together to create Na Darr. The found the video to be super creative with some crazy visuals. Na Darr marks the 2nd official release from BlueChip – the first was Neva Stop. They also made impact recently when they performed alongside Imran Khan & Jus Reign. This is just the beginning of BlueChip’s journey, with a lot more music and singles yet to come. Watch the video above, and share your thoughts with us.