“Samjha Kya”? King Jassim Demands An Answer


King Jassim Asks One Simple Question, “Samjha Kya”?

king jassim

King Jassim is a Reggae & Dancehall singer-songwriter as well as one of the founding members of India’s leading urban outfits, Low Rhyderz.  Jassim has committed 100% of his time towards the upliftment of reggae & urban music and in his early years hosted India’s first & only exclusive Hip Hop show on the radio called Party At The Shack on SPIN #44 , Worldspace Satellite Radio Network, which beamed through out Africa, Middle East & Asia.  King Jassim has toured the nation with Low Rhyderz, Lucky Ali, Apache Indian and Mista Savona performed at major events in India like TheHumHipHopProject, Sunburn, NH7 and Freedom Jam as part of LOW RHYDERZ.

King Jassim is committed to making this world a better place through music and in “Samjha Kya“, is questioning the occurrence of a few things in one’s life and also mentions that it is not necessary for a human to understand the reason behind it all the time. The “LOW RHYDERZ” member has put down a catchy tune and some funky hindi lyrics to give you, “Samjha Kya”.

The video is abstract in a positive sense and depicts very clearly of what Jassim wants to say. The track was recorded at AUDIOLIFE, bangalore and mixed and Masted by Kurma.mastering.

Recorded at AUDIOLIFE , Bangalore.
Recording Engineer – Khushh Mehta
Mixing – Kurma.mastering