Good music should be shared, Bad music should not be hated- Sukrit


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Sukrit is an upcoming rapper who like everyone else is trying to leave a mark. I shared a conversation with him in which he told me about himself, what is his music about, he introduced me to his group, Poetik Blizzards.

He gave me a valuable insight on his latest release, Kya Yeh Kaafi Hai and told me about it. I told him that the track still does need work but he does have flow and with time he will master this art as well. He is a simple guy who is pursuing a B.Tech degree has several different hobbies and has dreams of making his music being heard.

Have a read further to find out how it went :

Q1. Introduce yourself bro, tell us about yourself.

A-1 First of all what defines me is music. Rap is something that defines me best but I’m also little bit into making music, composing for others, etc. Other than this I’m pursuing B.Tech in electronics and communication. I like travelling, sometimes alone and many other small hobbies. The major ambition is to setup Poetik Blizzards as an established thing in this music scene in ways of delivering our own tracks plus producing/composing for others too, as in the end money making process is as important as making good music.

Q2. Where is Sukrit from and what got him to hip-hop music ?

A-2 Sukrit is strictly from Delhi, born and brought up everything. What got me into hip hop were my circumstances at a particular age and at the same time people like Eminem, Wayne, Hopsin, Bohemia, the whole Strange Music enter into my life. I felt motivated listening to them, as somewhere they all have a story and me as a kid could relate to it.

Q3. What are your favorite rappers from the Desi as well as the International scene ?

A-3 Desi rappers – Bohemia, Divine, Raftaar, Raga, Guru Lahori.
International – Eminem, Wayne, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Lock Smith, Slaughter House and I’m forgetting some.

Q4. Tell us about your new track ?

A-4 The next track will be a conceptual track, the whole track is a story. It revolves around the main concept – Chess. What I tried was to display my life in the form of chess.

Q5. You went for a simple concept but you pulled it of well, were you involved in the direction of the video ?

A-5 Thanks a lot. Though I was negligibly involved in the direction. Majorly the direction was handled by Devotees Insanos, shout outs to them for this.

Q6. How are your future releases looking like ?

A-6. There is some conceptual stuff cooking up with DHH too. (Let’s keep it as a surprise, haha). Noran will be handling the production not just for stuff with DHH but for most of my tracks. We’re like Drake and 40, haha.

Q7. What sort of flavor do you plan to put out ?

A-7 We plan to put out some old school stuff and I want to merge the commercial and underground scenario.

Q8. What do you think about Desi Hip-Hop at the present ?

A-8 DesiHipHop is in a growing stage presently. What I feel like is there should be more unity and understanding, Good music should be shared and bad music should not be hated. It’s better to point out mistakes rather than start hating. Plus what I feel like is people think of hip hop as dropping verses on verses, they’re not much interested in making full-fetched records.