ENCORE: The Official Desihiphop.com Mixtape Vol. 2


After the success of their first official mixtape, Desihiphop.com is set to bring us Encore: The Official Desihiphop.com Mixtape Volume 2. The mixtape will feature South Asian artists from all over the world from Canada and the US, to India and Pakistan and the UK. Humble The Poet, IQ aka Guju Bhai, Haji Springer, Deep Cold and One Shot are just a few of the artists that have contributed to Volume 2.

Desihiphop.com is using the new mixtape to show that Hip-Hop is alive and well in the South Asian community all over the world and it is a movement that is continuing to grow globally. In the last 25 years, it is easy to see just how Hip-Hop has become a lifestyle for South Asians everywhere. Not only have South Asian Artists embraced Hip-Hop, but Hip-Hop has embraced South Asian Artists.

The website’s vision is to create a place where both established and upcoming artists can all come together and show their support for the movement. It is somewhere that represents those who have not previously been represented and they are given a ‘voice’ that they never had before. Together with the new mixtape, Desihiphop.com aims to create awareness and show unity and equality amongst all South Asians.

Encore: The Official Desihiphop.com Mixtape Volume 2 will be a totally free download that you can get through Desihiphop.com’s Soundcloud page. Download the mixtape here —-> ENCORE