Ed, Edd & Eddy – Frappe Ash & Dj Palash

Ed, Edd & Eddy – Frappe Ash & Dj Palash


Ed, Edd & Eddy is an Canadian Animated Comedy television series & it is quite popular among kids and those who just love watching them. This new song by Frappe Ash is produced by Dj Palash, I had a little chat with Frappe about this song that how this theme of Ed, Edd & Eddy came into your mind, He said its not just a song its a “State Of Mind” and he further described that  this idea came into his mind when he was Stoned & watching Ed, Edd & Eddy & Palash immediately started working on the this new song for a Dope new beat. Lyrics of this song was originally written & sung by Frappe Ash, Hatts off this man. I personally loved this song & the sick beat a must listen & do share guys.

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