Burey Khyaal – Uday Bakshi (Music Video)


Burey Khayal - Uday Bakshi

Uday Bakshi has released yet another song titled Burey Khyaal and this time he made a music video and it looks amazing. Y’ll must have heard Uday earlier in songs like ‘0172 Killer‘ ‘Own Luggage‘ ‘Teri Baahon Mein’ and many other. This time it’s something different the video will take you into a trance state. A must watch Check out the music video and drop your comments below.

This is what Uday Bakshi has to say about this new music video & a message to everyone –

“The video has been put together by VR creative films. the concept of the video was light and darkness inside the mind where i struggle between the contradiction and the perceived outlook towards good and bad. bure khayal are bad thoughts and they exist in everyone so here is me venting out mine. based on my outlook about life.. the song is more like my writing my thoughts into a dairy. the beat is crazy too and is produced by craxh. lyrics reveal a story now stop reading and press play this is the greatest video of all times by the greatest arts ever. yes i said it.”