THHM – Project Unity – Hip Hop Fest – VIDEO

Thane Hip Hop Movement (THHM) had an enormous mission last year – to start a Hip Hop festival in India that would last a lifetime. And, guess what? They succeeded. Project Unity Vol 1 was just the beginning, the ground work has been laid. Now, fans can expect a large scale Hip Hop festival like this every single year.

The immense success of the show is showcased below in the gallery, and the after-show video. Check it out, show your support!

THHM – Project Unity Vol 1 – After show Video

This is a montage of what happened in THHM’s Two day HipHop festival, ‘The Project Unity Vol.1’. (Dec 20th -Dec 21st)
This Festival was sponsored by and

Music By- BasiCcbeats(­)
Video By- Rekoil Chafe(­e )
Video shot by- Rahul Chavan.

Official website:
Twitter: @thhmtweets
Instagram: @thanehiphopmovement