The Dewarists Ft Humble the Poet in ‘No I.D. Required’

The Indian television series, The Dewarists, creates bridges between countries through the medium of music. Each episode is shot as a music documentary and tells the story of a song coming to be which is they shot in an exquisite Indian location.

Humble the Poet was invited to take part in a Dewarist journey leading him to the song “No I.D. Required.” The track features Humble, Monica Dogra, and Midival Punditz. The video comes alive on the shores of Goa.

The collaboration is one of a kind and a milestone in each artist’s career. As music gaps bridges, it unites creative souls from a number of musical as well as geographical backgrounds.

Excited about getting the word out about “No I.D. Required,” Humble tweeted to his fans asking for their support. He said “PLEASE RT: Episode of Dewarists: NO I.D. REQUIRED with @Shaair @midivalpunditz and myself @humblethepoet.” Fans quickly tuned in and began sending their feedback about the episode. One fan said ” jus finishd watchin ur episode, u r jus AWWWWWESOME :p” Another said “Midival Punditz, Humble the poet n Monica Dogra….who would have thought that this colab would be this awesome! #NoIDRequired #TheDewarist”

If you haven’t already caught “No I.D. Required” be sure you check it out!