Not So Ranjha Ranjha No Mo’!


They say the best music is born from real-life experiences. In this instance, a relationship goes sour and one of the pair gets just a little bit stalker-ish… And this time, TaZzZ decided to rap about it!

Presenting the video to Ranjha Ranjha taken from TaZzZ’ debut mixtape TaZzZ-Mania, released just a couple months ago in February 2012. Directed by Creeping East, the video tells a simple story of a boy in love one minute, being chased obsessively by the former object of his affections the next. From devoted lover to devoted stalker, this video really says it all!

Taken originally from the Bollywood film Raavan, Ranjha Ranjha was refixed by TaZzZ for the Friction Lab Dubplate with Bobby Friction on the BBC Asian Network. Highly enjoyed by the audience, TaZzZ decided on making a visual to accompany the audio, and here we have the finished result.

Music speaks when there are no words, so if you’re trying to shake off an ex,  go ahead and share this with them and let TaZzZ do the talking for you!

Check out the official video to Ranjha Ranjha now and download TaZzZ-Mania here .