Liquidsilva rocks Jakarta with Snoop Dogg! [Exclusive Video!]

The new Mr. Worldwide, Liquidsilva, is at it again. Every time I write about Liquidsilva, I always get impressed by his work ethic. This time, too, I’m awe struck by his performance in Jakarta, Indonesia.The Canadian-Australian-Brazilian-Desi (yes, he is pretty much Mr. Worldwide) made the active crowd jump till it hurt, followed by an amazing performance by Snoop Dogg. Rocking crowds across the world, and that too, alongside Snoop Dogg! Ah, life for a Hip Hop artist couldn’t get any better. The footage below is really fun to watch as the cameraman takes us backstage and showcases all of the work behind the scenes. Check it out, it’s a fun video to watch.

Liquidsilva And Snoop Dogg in Jakarta, Indonesia

[youtube id=”kZ5c4ddcpI4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Learn more about Liquidsilva right here, and click here for a funny baby-hits-cat-and-cat-goes-crazy video. Okay, that was misleading, but for real, click here, now. I’m serious.

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