Jeffrin Jose – Angel (Prod. By Vishal Kumar)


Jeffrin Jose - Angel (Prod. By Vishal Kumar)

What Vishal Kumar told us about the song, Have a look at what is the story behind this song.

This Song Concept started from Jeffrin, he Wants to dedicate this song to someone special in their life and that day when jeffrin had came to me and said vishal i want to make a song for her and i said “yes, come on just do it right now”. At that time jeffrin only takes 15-20 min for writing lyrics and composing them then i started to prod. music for the song. This song takes only 4-5 hours to be a song from the scratch “Lyrics->Composing->Music Production->Guitar Recording->Vocals Recording->Mixing/Mastering” This all done in 4-5 hours. and just next day we started the shoot and vishal have no idea where we have to shoot in which situation whats the concept and the thing is in our mind is just do this song in 3 days that’s it. we started the video shoot and lots of hurdles come to our way between the shooting suddenly raining start we are totally sad at that moment how we shoot now but i think that rain is good for us because the environment feel and lighting is looking perfect after rain. we shoot the outside shot perfectly and the main problem coming to hour way that we have no props to shoot and only we have camera and 2 lenses and we have to shoot all song handheld and i think the song shoot approximately done gratefully in that mud condition after rain and next day is come then we have to edit the song and yes its done in one day. so the song completed in 3 days. 1 Day for audio, 2 Day for Video Shoot, 3 Day for Video Editing, Posters and Others Finalizing work of song. In the End Jeffrin Motive is also complete his special one agreed to be his angel and Thanks DesiHipHop for sharing this song and story.

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Jeffrin Jose – Angel Prod. By Vishal Kumar
Singer/Lyrics – Jeffrin Jose
Music/Video-Edited By/Directed By – Vishal Kumar

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