ISR Presents “Ferrari Jaisi Car” by Arnie B Hits Number 1

Arnie B’s latest release “FERRARI JAISI CAR” is a slick Indian pop track with an unique flavor of Hindi/Punjabi/English lyrics wrapped in an infectious beat. B4U Music India has already picked up the track for national TV broadcast. It has reached #1 on the charts in North America and Canada already!

His past musical works are as diverse in genre as his own cultural background. Indeed, his morning may begin with a whiff of soulful Indian melody in the studio. But by night, you would think a wild American club party is in progress.

Meet Arnie B. A rising Pop Artist with a twist. Cultural roots hailing from Kolkata, a few childhood years in Hong Kong, and for the past several years, in the US. With a musical background that can be traced back to his actor/playback singer Grandfather, and his dad, a Ghazal singer, Arnie’s love for Indian classical music and Ghazals began from an early age. At the same time, there was a steady influx of music from the West that deeply influenced Arnie, especially the late Michael Jackson.

With an alternative pop/rock movie score for ‘RAINBOW RAANI’ that featured a historic collaboration with Calypso legend Mighty Sparrow, American dance floor singles ‘SHOW STOPPA’ and ‘HEY MAMA’, a widely acknowledged tribute to his idol, Sachin Tendulkar ‘MASTER BLASTER’, a Indian rave styled track titled ‘KING OF SPIN’ for Shane Warne’s sports fashion line launch in India, and ‘RISE FOR FREEDOM’, an original song dedicated to the Kony 2012 initiative, Arnie B is back with his latest release ‘FERRARI JAISI CAR’ – a song with an unique flavor of catchy Hindi/Punjabi/English lyrics wrapped in an infectious beat.

Also awaiting release, is Arnie’s playback debut in the UTV film, ‘PETER GAYA KAAM SE’. With some power packed live performances that include being a guest artist at the Bollywood Music Awards, opening for Jay Sean at the Trump Taj Mahal in NJ, and noted press/media from leading newspapers, Arnie B’s music continues to reach out to a global fan base.

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