Gyan Orjon – VXL & Punksta

VXL & Punksta are Hip Hop heads who have been steady grinding for the past couple of years. VXL, especially, released a couple of new joints that I dig a lot. VXL’s “Misunderstood” was a great work of art that had me hooked. As an underground artist, VXL showcased his ability to attract listeners to his music.

This new release – titled “Gyan Orjon” (somewhat translates to “Gathering Knowledge”) – is a good collaboration where the rappers went in about their personal experiences and issues in society. As the rappers expressed their frustrations with facing constant parental pressures, I couldn’t help but admire Hip Hop’s ability to allow teenagers to express themselves. It’s more productive to ‘complain’ and express frustrations in a song rather than to express frustrations in other unproductive ways!

Check out the track above, and share your thoughts!