Flow Saints Inc. Creates a Truly United Track ‘Coast to Coast’

The song you’re about to listen to features numerous artists from different states and cities all in one place. I found that essence of the track to truly speak the motto of DesiHipHop.com – Unity through Hip Hop. The rappers from India & Bangladesh joined together and rapped their hearts out in this one, and created something truly entertaining from the beginning to the end. I heard at least 3-4 different languages in this one, and that’s something awesome that I always enjoy!

Milaik – 1st Verse
Dipto – 2nd Verse
MC Bijju – 3rd Verse
Lalith – 4th Verse
Gran Sinista – 5th verse
Shadrik – 6th Verse

Listen to ‘Coast to Coast’ by Flow Saints Inc feat. MC Bijju & L4l17h