Exclusive Interview – Puneet Kohli and Marshall the Third Tenu whem aa

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These rappers from Delhi Puneet KohliMarshall the Third & Saurabh Acharya who released ,’Chill‘ just a few days ago and it went viral and caught the attention of stars such as Raftaar, music producers from Bollywood industry and many more. Raftaar went on to say that he wanted to remix the track. These click has come out of nowhere and have big plans. This difference between them and others are that while others get carried away with the success of just one track Puneet & Marshall are busy in the studio working on their craft. They are by no means a one hit wonder.

Puneet Kohli and Marshall the Third Tenu whem aa

They are going to be releasing their next video really soon, Tenu whem aa in which they are taking shots at rappers who are self proclaimed superstars.

I caught up with Marshall the third and Puneet Kohli and they spoke to me about what is going on –

Q1. You guys have taken the underground by storm and Raftaar wants to bounce on a remix of the previous release ?

A1. It is more like a storm warning since we have just started. We have been working since a few years but all thanks to desihiphop.com, our product is now reaching out to its apt audience. As for Raftaar bouncing on a remix.. yes he has shown interest in our track “CHILL“, which is obviously a super big thing for us, and we have our fingers crossed, hoping that he gets time to make this track more chilled!

Q2. What is the concept behind the new release ?

A2. Our new release tenu whem aa is kind of a diss track to all the “Naqli Nawabs“.By Naqli Nawabs we mean people with a superiority complex, who are always carrying this delusion of being the greatest in everything and being of more worth than anyone else.

Q3. The beats is sick, what is the process behind the production ?

A3. Our main music producer is Varun (Gagan Preet). He is the main man behind all the sickness. At only 19 he is already dropping bombs creating unbelievable beats and taking care of on-point mixing and mastering single handedly. Apart from Varun, we are currently working with producers from all round the world (Thee Emenjay, Barry Miller, DJ Reminisce, JC Sona to name a few). Additionally, we have at times bought beats from producers online and have killed some hit instrumentals as well.

Q4. Are you going for back to back releases or a mixtape ?

A4. Currently we are dropping whatever gets ready, but by the end of this year we will release our first mixtape “NAESHI AESHII CASHII – CH1″ which will be a combination of tracks that have been received well, along with some fresh tracks. This mixtape will definitely take the underground by storm as you have mentioned. If you don’t know what “NAESHI AESHII CASHII” means..it is our squad name and it means guys who bring bad luck, have fun and care mostly about money.

Q5. What message do you have your fans and followers ?

A5. To people who have liked our work, we would like to say “Thanks a lot for bumping to our music, thanks a lot for the support you have shown by sharing our videos. We don’t have Lamborghinis and boobs to promote our videos, you guys are the only Lamborghinis and boobs that we have :) Do keep bumping, sharing, downloading, listening and spreading our art. We appreciate a lot.. Chill”