Aafat! – ” दे सी Hip Hop, Hi! Its Naezy!”

Aafat! – ” दे सी Hip Hop, Hi! Its Naezy!”


Naezy is a mumbai based talented rapper from the crew “The Schizophrenic’s”. The lyrics of this song is based on the reality of his life, he is following new trends and flows. As stated in the description of the video it is recorded on iPad and he has directed and edited the video himself. And as you all know this is not an easy task. Naezy is a hardworking rapper who shows new trend of rapping to the world. Check out the video below of his song Aafat.

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When I was seven years old, I fell on my head and I severed my brain. Now I am 20 and I’ve grown into a total maniac and have started rapping!

[youtube id=”Wwo36tHg2bw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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