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I hope you must be aware of the announcement we made few days ago that we have shaken hands with U.M.L (Underground Music League) to promote Desi Hop Hop in India. U.M.L is an esteem organization which is holding Cyphers, Jam Sessions, Events & Shows in different parts of the country. Following the same DHH and U.M.L dropped their first ever event ‘ZOOK’ in Delhi.


The afternoon started with a dancing competition between hip hop dancers who amazed the crowd with their locking, popping and B-Boying skills. 16 Rappers participated and 8 Rap battles heated the atmosphere. The battles saw the rappers showcasing the right kind of attitude, throwing in punches that made the crowd go berserk, maintaining a stage presence that made everybody present in the café stand up from their seats clapping and shouting. The crowd hooted and jeered and shouted for the winners of every battle.

Soon we will share Photographs and Video with you all. Our Partners are working on the Post Production.

This is not the end, we will back. In fact we’re back! This Sunday, Cafe Zook, Saket! Again!

Remember it’s Hip Hop Sunday!