Zeshan Drops a Tight Remix to ‘Sadi Gali’


Zeshan. Remember that name, because you’ll hear a LOT more from this artist. Why do I say that? Because Zeshan has a sick flow and he’s a hard worker with a great team behind him. The guys at ‘B.A.$.E Squad’ has been putting together a number of shows, singles, and new music for Desi Hip Hop fans all over, and here’s why we think you should be interested…

In his latest release – Sadi Gali – Zeshan shows what he’s capable of as he combines the artistry of traditional Punjbai music amalgamated with some dope Desi Hip Hop. Zeshan’s flow stands out the most, and I believe this artist has a lot more for us around the corner. What I really enjoyed about the video is the fact that it showcases the excitement that audiences have as they experience a true Desi Hip Hop show. They showed the potential of concerts that embraces the Desi music culture with Dhols and blended it with urban Hip Hop music. And, as you can clearly see from the audiences’ reaction, cultural collaborations like these form the recipes of a HIT! Check out the track below, and tell us what you think about Zeshan, his flow, and his music.

Watch Zeshan – Sadi Gali Remix (Official Video)