YouTube launches ‘Youtube Music Key’ To Stream Videos

Last year, during a long drive between states, I was listening to music on my phone. But all I really wanted to do is watch some music videos (while driving? Okay, I agree it wasn’t such a great idea, but I wished there was a service out there.) The problem was the 4G coverage in the middle of no where was not as strong. All I wished for at that point was a service by YouTube that would allow people to have videos available offline, or almost like a YouTube version of iTunes or Spotify. And now, my prayers have been answered!

YouTube just silently launched YouTube Music Key! Currently, it’s being tested in the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, with more countries launching soon. In beta for now, the service is currently only open to select music consumers and anyone with Google Play Music All Access. (Hint: that’s your in if you want to check it out.)

A mobile and PC on-demand music streaming subscription service, Music Key features high quality music videos at the average market price of $9.99 — with a promotional launch price of $7.99. New options include offline viewing, background-enabled mode (ability to use other apps on your device while watching videos) and of course, no ads.

Album Playlists, found primarily on auto-generated Topic Channels, are another main attraction. Different from services like Spotify (and different from how they’ve looked on YouTube so far), Albums Playlists feature two kinds of “premium” music videos: YouTube Partner-uploaded videos and Art Tracks, a new product that pairs a song with album art and metadata. This group of features is rolling out in the next few days to all users, including YouTube’s free tier.

DesiHipHop Songs & Videos On YouTube Music Key

This new ‘expansion’ of YouTube will most definitely include DesiHipHop songs and videos. Now, all the Desi Hip Hop videos you like and want to watch will be available like iTunes, right on your smart phone or computer. This will be an amazing opportunity for artists to get known, and fans to discover new artists. And yes, this makes us extremely excited! Are you ready for this revolution to begin!?